This site is hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance running Ubuntu Server. I use Nginx as a lightning-fast webserver and reverse-proxy. I use Django as my web framework, and GUnicorn as my Python WSGI HTTP Server. Database content is served by AWS RDS for PostgreSQL. Search is provided by PostgreSQL FTS.

I use Wagtail as my CMS. I've found Wagtail to be wonderfully flexible and powerful, though it can come with a steep learning curve. Bootstrap and Sass help me out on the front end. TLS encryption is provided by Let's Encrypt, and Cloudflare provides DDOS protection, a CDN, a DNS, DNSSEC, and ESNI. To avoid bots, I use Google's reCAPTCHA on my contact page. Finally, this site is typeset in the lovely EB Garamond, provided by Google Fonts.

I'm eternally grateful to all those who contribute to free, open-source, and community-licensed technologies. Thank you. You inspire me to work towards a better world.